Tuesday, March 03, 2015

 I wake up in the middle of the night, go to my desk and grab a paper list, every item has a check mark next to it, but...is it right?, is everything on the suitcases?, oh God... I won´t be able to sleep if I don't double check it again.
Gosh, it´s gonna take forever...

I have to travel to Buenos Aires, I take a bite of a toast and drink my black coffee in a rush (black, no sugar)
The cab is waiting for me, my mom is upset, but we know I have to do it, is my only chance to make my dreams come true.
I will miss my dogs, I will miss everything but I´m following my destiny, so, is a bittersweet moment.
 I promised not to cry...just a hug, a long long hug.

Now, I´m waiting in Buenos Aires International Airport for my flight.
A really bad thing in Argentina:  the planes and  their schedules.
OMG! Hours and hours I will spend in here, all flights are delayed.
Please God, make the time go faster...

I hate Ezeiza Airport!!!! My flight is delayed.
Let´s keep a positive mind, I have my laptop with me, so I will enjoy reading about my new home.
I hear an announcement...YES!! That's my flight, it´s a scary and happy moment at the same time.
No words for this..maybe there is one: HOPE

The flight arrives to its destiny. Tears are all over my face, I cannot believe it, I did it!!
This is it, this is the moment I have been waiting for.
Will I become a top model?  Will I succeed?
The journey begins and I will be hopping that everything will go as I dream.
By the way, I´m Virginia Reina Moore (Rei), you may know me as Rei1981, I´m from Argentina, used to live in Rosario City now I´m in New York.


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