Whose that Boy????

Sunday, January 31, 2016

"Ahhhh" it's that time again to reflect on my life and what a life I live. It's been nearly a week since I won all 3 awards that I was nominated for at The Stardoll Awards and I still can't get over it. Here I stand on my balcony at my L.A. two floor mansion wearing Kathy's Silk gown wondering what is life and what is my purpose in life. Well I could think about that another day, so I shrugged my shoulders and head to bed to prepare for tomorrow's chaotic schedule.

   *BUZZ* *BUZZ* *BUZZ* My alarm clock      rang and just like every  other day I put it on  snooze to catch a few minutes of extra sleep...  *BUZZ* *BUZZ* *BUZZ* and here it goes  again... this cycle continued for about 20minutes  till Tania called asking me if I was ready. Half  asleep I replied yeah I am just putting my shoes  on. Don't judge me I know we all do it. So I  wrestled out of bed and began rushing to get in  time to the cafe to have our girly gossip/catch up  coffee date.

I pulled over at Couture Coffee Cafe as I parked my Audi and at that exact moment I see Tans stumbling from her Benz. Heeeeiiiiiii Girrrlllll I squealed which I got the reply Yaaaasss bisch. We both giggled in to cafe but before we did we took a selfie which I instantly posted on Instagram because you know you have to. As we settled down in to the cafe Tans went to order while I read a bit of Gaga X Richardson (Gaga's book if y'all didn't know.) And at that exact moment I saw HIM walking through the cafe doors. The man of my dreams just walked past me and I looked like a complete mess. Tans came to sit down she looked at me and then she looked at the direction I was staring and then she looked at me and just shrugged and dug in to her breakfast while I still stared at this hot stuff from my table.

*CLICK* *CLICK* Tania snapped her fingers across my face and I suddenly just woke like I was asleep the whole time but it wasn't my fault the guy was so hot... Time went by as we both gossiped and chatted about this week's events and dramas and then I remembered to check up on the insta and damn we were getting likes like crazy...

We kissed each other good bye and I headed to visit Isabella at Christian Siriano to get my fitting for Black Beauty event. I arrived at the store to see Isabella blooming with a big smile... IT'S FINALLY HERE... I lost my shit I threw everything I had and rushed inside and to my eyes I couldn't believe seeing this gorgeous... shhhhh you'll find out on the 6th

As the sun began to set I decided to take a drive to the beach before seeing Nimka at Julian's Fine Dining for Dinner. So I put on my pumps and hit the road... It was so peaceful watching the sunset while Rihanna's Higher was playing on repeat in the background *GO BUY ANTi*  and then I saw him AGAIN the guy at the cafe but this time twice as hot in his work out outfit running and sweating and damn did I feel my ovaries burst.

7:30PM: I arrived at Julian's wearing the Balmain Green Shimmer dress I borrowed from Maria.. I know she wore it at the TSA event but still I am allowed to recycle the dress. Finally after 20 minutes Nimka arrived looking more like an Angel had gone through a Pokémon evolution and became a legendary you feel me she just looked stunning and I know Nimka was gorgeous but then this mystrious guy I have been seeing all day came through the door again and this time it was with a woman and my heart just dropped but then soon lifted after finding out that Nimka knows the guy because he is her NEIGHBOR (Lucky Girl) and turns out that woman was his mum.. awww  but yes back to Nimka and Me. We had a great dinner and Nimka spoke to me about some *CONFIDENTIAL PROJECTS* 

Ahhhh today had been a loong ass day and I finally got home took off all my clothes and wore my Kors Bra and panties while wearing some X Motel Socks while wearing Maria's couture fur as I sat to watch T.V. with Jimsk my sphinx cat and while watching TV my eyes couldn't not believe what I saw IT WAS HIM YET AGAIN. I know I have been talking all day but turns out he isn't Nimka's neighbor he was MY NEIGHBOR and all this time I did not realise due to my heavy schedule.

I rushed to my bedroom and literally called my P.A. to find details on him and after 10 minutes of waiting I finally found out his name... Godfrey 

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