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Friday, January 29, 2016

Nine months... only nine months have passed by since the last time I saw a pair of Christian Louboutin stillettos, I can barely remember the scent in my Kat Von D "Bow & Arrow" liquid lipstick, I smell my Poison by Dior perfume between this crap sheets I am sleeping in, Heroes by David Bowie is playing in the radio and all I can think of is my career, my money, my "new" Beverly Hills villa, my Bentley, my boyfriend. Everything I had is left behind, and everyhing I was doesn't exist anymore.

At least I had glitter on during my mugshot

I have only 11 months left in this place out of the twenty I was condemned for, of course I've had the chance to meet new people, like this girl, Thais Gonzales, who was sentenced for murdering her boyfriend after he was caught giving a BJ to her step-brother, disgusting. Or this bitch, Sophie Mallett, a 60-year-olded hooker from Stardoll Downtown, she keeps playing with her nipples all night long and mumbling John Travolta's name.
The food here is made out of crap, yesterday I had a crap Chili, and the day befor eyesterday I had the same crap Chili, and two days ago I had the same thing, it's been a month since we ate something different, Could they at least give us some carb-free meals? I swear I don't fit in my vintage Lacroix coat anymore.

I wish any of you were never in the need to use this hideous toilets full of dirt, I never seen something so gross in Earth like ever, I always have to watch my bed before sleeping because you can easily wake up to cockroaches on your feet, my worse nightmare, oh and can we have a moment and speak about the little rats that play all day long in our cell? They so funny, I love how one of them doesn't have an eye but still manages to attack the other ones and bite them tails!

I smoke over 10 cigarettes a day, which I know is bad for my lungs but, I'm in jail, who cares?
My lips have completely fell off, the fillers I had injected in are looking so bad, I would give anything to have my surgeon in here! Oh, and I just got a new tattoo tho, a small one right next to my V, it matches the orange vibes of my uniform. It's cute.

Thank God my bank account didn't get cancelled and I still have that appartment in West Hollywood.

You know, I never thought being sued for an article I wrote on Trendy Magazine three years ago could lead me to Prision, I regret that of course, but as soon as I get out of here I'll tell the truth.
I wish I can make it safely to the Fashion Week though, and punching that slut on the face as well.

Jeannette Gabrielli.

*Above's story is fake and doesn't intend to hurt anybody's feelings.
Special thanks to Julia-Doll for the hair design

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