Parties, Fame, and Thirsty Celebutantes

Sunday, April 19, 2015

 After going to my publicists home on a small impromptu meeting, we visited one of her friends (who shall remain nameless on her behalf) at a moderately sizable place on the outskirts of Dollywood. I loved her living room with it's large bay windows and view of the ocean, however I found myself in another conversation. After being offered a flute of champagne, I was asked to star in a pilot of what would be The Real Housewives of Dollywood. It was odd to me, and although I had to fight back the laughter brewing for the proposition, I nodded until it seemed like the prospect was squashed beneath by Louboutins. This woman was definitely not TV material, and although we love ratchet and giving harsh reads to the ladies around us, I had to compose myself. In my early days navigating the entertainment industry, I'd had jumped on the upstart chance to have my face plastered on a bill board or two or for 5 minutes on a TV show, but I can't help but feel annoyed for the fact that someone would deliberately try and use me... and all through my publicist!

Besides, I'm not 'house wife' material. I don't need to put my love life on blast for money...

sometimes I feel like others are prodding at why I have so much in my life.
and that is nobody's fucking business. 

I mean, it is... I work hard for what I have, but I can't help but think that some don't know me that well. Besides, I was already in the works of starring in a new reality show and be involved in yet another lucrative project. I always have work, and unless it was a social experiment to see how many weeks hanging around me could propel this fake Pucci wearing wannabe, I'd had never accepted it. As if I even would. It's cut throat out there... why would I even run the risk?

After taking my immediate leave, I was invited by the iconic socialite Nimka to attend a party at the Weekend Lounge. It's a relatively exclusive club and I'd actually never been before upon the fact that I frequent places like Onyx, Dynasty, and Saga, but I couldn't resist the offer. I've recently started speaking to her on what is almost a daily basis as we're friends on social media, so being invited said a lot to me in my opinion.

However, I got a message on my private email account. Earlier this week I was asked to 'talk' to a fan who had some interest in interviewing me for a magazine, so looking into it further I'd agreed only to be met by this:

What does she really want me to say? It's not like it's a big secret about who was who and who wasn't in the scene, but to blatantly make a claim that she'd like to put into practice the very art form of elitism made me raise a brow or two. "Something to find out and know their gift of art..." there are just some things that cannot be taught and those who are taught are nothing but fame whores at that. I feel as if others should do their research, which she must have to some degree or another, before they seek out others asking for the tea. I wonder if she works for a gossip blog... I can't help but think so. Or maybe she's just a fan. Either or, both entities are annoying as shit.

In the mean time, I went on about my party that Nimka was holding. I met a lot of new faces and caught up with some old friends of mine, and although I had a hard time getting into the event (the bouncers were turning away quite a bit of people before I could successfully and harmlessly be allowed into the VIP lounge a.k.a Nimka's 'ice cream factory'). 

 I just wonder what all of these annoyances are going to build up to...

-xoxo Ashley

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