Is this the end...

Sunday, February 28, 2016

It's about 6 in the morning and the sunlight was just beaming through my balcony, I just laid there in my bed staring at the peaceful image in front of my eyes. *sigh* If only I had someone to enjoy this view with. 

Well I lifted my lazy ass body from the bed and struggled to the bathroom to have a relaxing bath and enjoy this day off with treating myself and the first thing on my list was a relaxing bath with bubbles and steam and lots of it.  While sitting in bath I had the Korean Band WINNER's song Baby Baby playing in the background giving me more of a relaxing theme to go with my bath even though the song was about being lonely. 

After that relaxing bath I went over to my huge ass closet and decided on this relaxing day I am going to wear some socks and a big fur jacket and change my wig for the day. After finding a huge black and white fur blanket/coat I went to the kitchen to find some snacks to fill myself up.

As I sat in this huge house by myself I started to tear up and I broke down. You know the feeling when you're sick and tired of coming home to the same old thing and doing all sorts of exciting things in your life but by yourself and not having someone there to share it with you. Three years of failed dating attempts I just gave up and now here I am with everything in the world but no one to share it with.
As I wiped my tears off my phone buzzed, it was a message from Manda asking if I wanted to have lunch with her and Tania so I said yes and headed back to my big ass closet and wore my favourite jeans with my new T-shirt made by the beautiful Debs (Keshan)

I arrived at 1pm and I waited for a while and I saw Tania stumble through the restaurant doors with dozens of bags after her huge shopping spree at the LE store. As we spoke about the recent collection and how we adored the items Manda BUSTS through the door with her flowing platinum hair and her high 11inch platforms. As she sat down I showed her the clock and all she could say was opps sorry I meant for us to meet at 3. The catch up with the girls was great we spoke about clothes, music, modelling and the upcoming Stardoll fashion week. To end the great lunch we took a selfie and headed our way home. The drive home was peaceful as I sipped on my Bubble Tea while staring at Dollywood in this hot Uber driver car who was dropping me home.

(Clothes by (In order) Maria, Keshan, Jailer)


The evening grew and while I was watching T.V. while chatting with the girls on the Whatsapp group chat I got a phone call from the Angel Nimka who invited me to join her down town Dollywood to party and to be honest I really needed it so I got up and got ready and headed to down town...

I got out of my Uber feeling sexy as hell is my DKNY Suit and YSL Turtleneck and as I stepped out  I saw Nimka over the other side of the road looking angelic then Lucifer ever did. I waved and headed towards her and then something caught my eye and it was the guy I kept seeing and before I could take any steps further to reach the other side I saw a beam of light coming towards me with a loud horn noise and I froze as I saw my life pass before me...

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