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Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Wearing LOVE "Morocco" turtle neck halter, "Bengali" Mini skirt & Tom Ford lace up boots
Last night I was feeling myself, that was until this petty bitch walked up to me barking about how I slept with her man "It's not my fault you can't keep your man honey" is the last thing I remember I said, after that is a blur of hair pulling, nail scratches and my fist running into her nose, but lets rewind to the very beginning of it all. 

I woke up quite late, 11:00 AM, after flying over from Dollywood, to California last minute to meet with my friend, and client Isabella, who is currently filming her new movie. 
We scheduled last minute lunch a couple day before, so I called up my assistant and had her book me the first flight she could find, I arrived at around 9:00 AM, jet lagged, tired, and overworked I stepped out of the plane, and into my Ford F-450

Now I know what you're thinking : "Sophie, why do you ride a fucking pick up truck?" Well,  IT'S CALI BITCHES. 

I have this car only and exclusively for when I'm here, riding like you're P Diddy's main bitch circa 2000.

Anyways, the next morning I had my make up and hair done as usual, I called up my other friend Sam who happened to be in Cali too, she invited me to come to a private party hosted by Nastygal to launch their latest ad campaign, I agreed and wrote it down on my phone's reminders. 

We talked for a bit, asked her what make up look she thought I should go for since I was going to use it during the day and only do a few touch ups before the party, she recommended the beautiful bronzy and gold smokey eye look paired with Jeffree Star "Celebrity Skin" Velour liquid lipstick. The look turned out to be BOMB!

Later I met Isabella at Urasawa to have some sushi and talk about our lives, ever since I moved to Paris briefly to work on my fashion line and she hopped over here to shoot the film we've tried to keep in touch but it's been so hard, after I moved back to Dollywood I decided I had to work on my friendships a little more, so here we are eating expensive raw fish and shit talking everyone we know, we were there for a good 4 hours, glad they didn't kick us out! After sketching her dress for an upcoming event we hugged, and left the restaurant, she was going to get a skin treatment because she's been so stressed out with filming that her skin is breaking out and I was going back to my hotel to change outfits and head over to the party

Sam wears Nasygal "All night long" halter dress
Sophie wears  LOVE "Crossed out" top, Nastygal "Jewels of hard rocks" mini skirt and a Balmain mohair and wool cardigan. 
I ran into Sam at the entry as we both got our digital passes checked, we smiled and walked in, a photographer asked us to pose together for a picture and we gladly gave his camera our best "Rich bitch" faces, we were in the eccentric lounge where a bunch of shenanigans where going on, drinks kept coming and sooner than later I found myself grinding on some guy who's name I still can't remember, out of nowhere I felt someone pull on my weave, this bitch started yapping about me being with her man, who the fuck knows, I might have or might have not, but for the hell of it I went along with it, the moment she tried to really pull on my weave I lost it, all I could feel was my blood boiling and my fist right on her face.
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Sam grabbed me right away as her security team pulled us away, we were laughing in the car as the night took us to a different club, we both agreed we have to meet for drinks more often, as my driver picked me up a her apartment at 4:00 AM 

A few days went by, my manager called me and told me not to worry since Roxanne won't press charges, "Roxanne who?" I asked. "The girl you punched on the face while you where in Cali, remember?" Oh yeah, that had happened, turns out my team sent her a few exclusive pieces from LOVE with a card that said "Hope you get a better nose now!", and that was enough.

Well isn't life beautiful, okay it's time for me to go back to work, so I'll see you later! 

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  1. AHAA, YES! I love it! Sounds like something we'd get into! Thanks for breaking my nose, right now Imma let it heal, I ain't no plastic ass bitch! :P


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