It's time to let loose

Monday, February 08, 2016

                                                   Chanel Taylor wearing Yves Saint Laurent

It was 6am, and the paparazzi were here as always. I just arrived back in Dollywood, after spending a few days in Manhattan, discussing the future plans for my blog Life Of Ct, and about my magazine CT. I've been tired this week, in and out of Manhattan, attending Dollywood events, the rumors and scandals surrounding me, Chanel Taylor.

I pose for the paparazzi, to make sure my stardom rises and so I'll be on the cover of the tabloids tomorrow. I cut my hair recently, and I wasn't supposed to tell anyone, but I'm dying my hair blonde for Stardoll Fashion Week. I almost forgot, my team has been pushing for my face to be the Face Of Stardoll Fashion Week. I will be attending, and I want to be on the covers so everyone knows my name.

I arrive back in my Mansion in Beverly Hills. I have a relaxing warm shower and listen to Sophie's mixtape she sent me. I get out, put on my fuzzy white robe, and open the champagne bottle. Lying on the couch, I've never felt better. What could go wrong, I ask myself. Suddenly, my phone vibrates. It's Emma. "Hey, girl. How are you? I saw on TMZ you're back in Dollywood. We need to hang out! I'm hosting a party tonight at my place. You need to come!" she says. "Sure, I'll be there." I reply.

                                                              I walk in my wardrobe, and I'm clueless at what to wear. I then see a white dress calling m name. "Perfect!" I say, as I try it on. I check my phone, and it's 7:45pm. The party started at 7:15, I should go. I walk out my mansion, hop in the limo, and I'm ready to roll.

I enter her mansion, and I see Sophie. "Sophie!" I say with excitement. I haven't seen her in so long. Emma is sitting next to her, they're both slaying as usual. "Hey, where's Isabella and-" I was gonna ask where Jeannette was, but I realized she is in Jail. "Isabella is probably locked in a room, getting screwed by a guy." Soph says, as she finishes off her martini. 

I say to myself, it's time to let loose. I've felt so stressed and tired this whole month, and I needed to let myself go. My favorite song plays, and I drag Sophie and Emma to the dance floor. Nothing better than these girls around me, well, that's what I thought. I see a phone drop on the ground and I can't believe what I just saw...

Find out what I saw, on my next blog post. - Chanel Taylor x

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