Tuesday, February 09, 2016

"Manda are you done? We're off in 5 minutes!"
I heard my manager's noisy voice echoing in my ears.
Don't get me wrong, I love my manager, he'd been at my side for so many years, but in moments like these I could literally smack him.

I rolled my eyes, god, we've only been on set for thirty minutes.
Luckily, I just finished shooting my new editorial, otherwise I would have needed to come here again - and taking a look at my timetable, who knows when that could have been.

Though, I have to admit, that's my own fault. I chose this stressful life in work and luxury and now I have to get along with it.

No lie, five minutes later, I hugged the photographer and said goodbye to the whole crew before we left the appartment.
It is always delightful to work with Lullih
, she's one of the best. I can't wait to see until the editorials come out. Backstage, I could already have a sneak peek at some of the photos and I have to say, they turned out amazing.

[Manda for Allure by Lullih]
After shooting, I of course was about to make my way back to the MMM set. There, I would meet Tania, Rafael and Cathy to plan out further details for the live show of the Finale.
For sure, we already decided on a winner, but that will remain a secret until we go live on air to praise our final Topmodel.

Furthermore, I unfortunately had to cancel my today's appointment with Sophie Love due to both our very tight schedules. She is one of Dollywood's top designers and a dear friend of mine, it is always a pleasure to work with her but right now she's totally overbooked.
That's why we also sat together last week, planning my latest look for the Black Beauty event.

"Give me all you've got, I wanna look like a pastel flower fairy princess."
Was all I told her to custom-design my look.

She came up with the best sketch ever. Thanks to Sophie, I looked truly stunning, the details were striking, I always knew she would be one of the top. Her talent is infinite.

Making my way out of the studio, wearing fur vest by Maria, turle neck dress by Jailer, Jeanette's Céline bag and my favorite pair of shades. Thanks to Giselle for those beautiful blonde locks.

The next second, I was hopping into my car.
I first of all put off my beautiful, fury vest, checked my makeup and fixed my hair. I put my baby Céline next to me on the other seat and glanced at the newest issue of ALLURE. Checking the cover for I believe the houndredth time, it still filled me with joy. I was honored to be the Summer's Covergirl, one of my nicest experiences ever.

Reading the interview with Bianca, I had a total throwback. Back in Summer 2015 we talked about the huge show of MMM. Now it was February 2016.
I really had to hurry up with the finale of Manda's Model Mission.
I could still get a tamper tantrum everytime I think about the stupid crew that brought the whole electricity of the hall to shut down. Along its power, we lost everything.
The electrical short-circuit deleted all files I've been working on, eliminated all effects the technology team created and worst deleted all appointments, meetings and delivery dates concerning the Finale.

Therefore, I stood upon a huge amount of work, I had to re-set and delay all dates with the press, I had to re-order all the designs and clothes
and everything else concerning the preparations for the show had to be re-newed.

And what happened to my crew? I fired them all. Now I've got a new, trustworthy and hard-working crew, so nothing, not even the slightest thing, can go wrong anymore.

When I sat in the car, I immediately dialed Sophie's number. I didn't have the chance to thank her in person yet for the amazing dress, so I facetimed her.

After some time of chatting and gossiping, Sophie told me about that Vitamin D she got last night and I told her about my stupid ex-boyfriend who suddenly started trying to contact me again.

"Such a douche. Well, suck his d*ck a last time, then leave him rottening on the streets." She advised me. I laughed.

 After rambling some more with her we made a plan for an appointment some time soon. Then we hang up.

Some seconds later, I visited my social networks. My notifications were on fire.
My outfit from Black Beauty was a total hit, everyone seemed to like it, I even got featured in several Best-Dresseds, my phone was lightening up non-stop.

Scanning through the likes, I could also see that my annoying ex-boyfriend liked my pic and commented some stupid ass heart emojis underneath. *EW*

What a desperate hag. I could tell it would only be seconds until he'd write me a message... because that's what they always do. 

*BLING* - and I was right... of course.
Opening his message, I was internally cringing. I didn't know whether to vomit or spit right at the spot but then again I didn't want to ruin my new Céline babygirl bag.

Does he truly expect me to take him back, after I found him in our bed with this stupid, cheap stripper pole bimbo bitch?
I'd rather block him, delete him from all my devices and never see him again...but then I remembered, that's not my way of coping with assholes.

I'll take that offer and rip his credit card arpart.
He wants me back? First, buy me some new Loboutins, buy me Versace and let's spend our dinner night in Le Bernadin, New York's most expensive seafood restaurant.

After all, he said "he's paying", right?

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