Feeling the euphoria

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

I'm almost on my way to my flagship store release and getting ready with my all-time favorite hairdresser Porticus I'm starting to get the chills. The way all this story is happening scares me and makes feel thankful for being so lucky and gifted, Jesus!

The opening of my store in Mexico City was one of my life's biggest goals, and it was such an incredible experience as I instantly got all the support from the media and the people and started to get known by some people on this world, which also left open the oportunity to come here to LA and be living again those moments with this new store.

I will start with my Haute Couture collection, which was inspired by my childhood memories, each dress has a story and I also buried some memories with them also, it was like a fresh new start for the new me, in my new life. My favorite piece from this collection must be the blue ball gown on the second floor, since it's inspired in the first time I went to a beach near Mexico City, Acapulco. I remember my father driving back home and my mom carrying me in her legs as I was falling asleep and I suddenly looked at the sky and started crying saying "I don't wanna leave this place, Mom". The sight was incredible and the sky was full of stars.

The plot is an amusement park, which I thought was appropriate for this collection since it speaks out for my childhood and the inner child I still have. The carousel never stops, so do I.

I want to cry so bad at this point but seems like my limo just arrived to pick me up.

---30 minutes later---

The press has arrived, as well as the bloggers and celebrities. This place is so crowded and... here you have my tears again. I can't stop crying! I'm too excited and my eyeliner is going down my cheeks, gosh! Tonia, please clean up my face!

After a little press conference and tons of photographies, I will now proceed to unveil the collection!
Get your cameras ready...

Xx, Jeannette.

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