Sad girl.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

I woke up at 4:00 AM today my alarm clock made sure I didn't get one extra minute of sleep; Almost instantly I hear my phone ringing; "Hello?" I said almost whispering, who the hell calls at 4:00 in the morning?!

 I listened to a soft, sweet voice call me out, "Hey babe, we are outside." Right, that's why I had my alarm set that early, at first i thought it was a mistake, then I remembered! I have several business interviews all through the day.

As my hairstylist, combed, pulled, detangled and blow-dried my hair, I had 2 girls debating on what color lipstick I should wear, after what felt like a lifetime of arguing they decided to blend Blush and Sad Girl, both from Anastasia Beverly Hills, and proceded to put several coats of gloss on my lips. 

Let me remind you at this point, all I'm wearing is a bath robe, because of course I showered before these people started working on me, I was late, at my own home. 

As they finished beautifying me, I walked over to my wardrobe, I put on a random top, and the SMALLEST set of underwear I could find, you don't want to be that girl walking into an interview with panty lines on her skirt,  I picked out my outfit and walked over to my bedroom, as soon as I stepped trough that door my phone rang, It was Manda, trying to video call me to talk about a dress I'm designing for her, I jumped over to my bed and answered, we talked for a few minutes, she knew I had a hectic days so we kept our conversation short.
Agent provocateur paties & American apparel crop.

I  rushed out of that room, my Guiseppe Zanotti heels could've build a mine from how hard I was stomping down the modelling agency stairs, yeah that was my first meeting, I had to pick models for my upcoming fashion show, people nowadays are so useless, I specifically asked for a girl to open the show, and the manager forgot to call her to confirm, I could have ripped his soul out, I swear. 

My day went on as normal, I met with photographers, suppliers, and paid a way needed visit to Stardoll Luxury Nail Lonunge  I had to get my claws and paws done before hopping on a plane to my pop up store in Brazil, I would check up on the staff and since I was there already I'd begging preparations for the Black Beauty event I'm assisting in less than a week. 

As I stepped out of my last interview all I wanted was a cold drink and a hot date, I hopped into my car and the driver pulled away, I texted Sergio, number 3 in my men rotation for the week, I was surely going to have a good night. 

See you in Rio bitches! 

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  1. Since you blocked me on Facebook, I have been wanting to see what you are up too! I love this story! Kept to your personality, and dint try to be more than who people know you as! Haha, i look forward to seeing more episodes from you! :) Please unblock me! :P


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