Now I'm Stressed Out

Monday, February 01, 2016

I know... I am a beautiful sleeper right?

    It's been a couple days since I left my house, this past week has been a downer, but there were some highlights. Like, going to physical therepy because of my car accident, or when the baby I had to watch threw up on my YSL sneakers, or when I met Nimka on Skype and pretended I was in heaven with her. Oh wait no, the last one was just an ecstact trip... Anyways, all I can do was reflect on how hectic 2015 was for me. I scroll through my Facebook, all these posts jump out at me. I got myself into a lot of shit and basically became the Iggy Azalea of Dollywood, I really couldn't post something without a whole army of people taking offense at stuff I did. I mean I can't really say much, I fueled the fire.

    Getting back on topic of my week being a downer, I feel super sick, like keeling over with a blaring headache every 5 seconds sick. I have cried like 1000 times this week, I am super stressed. Today I have to run all over downtown Denver to scout for some models for upcoming events. Rozalia, and I are still scheduling photo shoots, and hiring stylists for editorials for Essential. I feel bad, I have probably made that sweet girl pull her hair out at least 10 times. It's a good thing she is so patient!
    One thing that has crossed my mind recently is The Greatest Graphic Designer's second season. I've been on 5 mind cleansing trips to find inspiration for tasks, it was useless, but it still was freaking awesome to travel the world! I went to Rio, which isn't so peaceful unless you drop 15,000,000 stardollars on a private island, and Japan, which is actually beautiful but still hectic unless you become a hermit and live in the mountains for 1 whole week which I won't, ew, I am from L.A. I also tried Austria, but I couldn't eat the food, it was hella nasty. I spent probably the price of 10 days at the MGM Grand, on Starbucks. Oops.
    I guess I must have sat down for to long looking through my phone because it was snowing, and pitch black at 6 p.m. I get into my Subaru Br-Z and head home, which is like 30 minutes away. I turn on my radio, and low and behold my jam comes on. Stressed Out by Twenty One Pilots, it's my anthem of how the day is going might I add. I love that song so much. As you can tell I get so off track so fast. I look through my schedule, tomorrow Kadet and Kaszmir are meeting me at the Essential Studio in L.A so I have to board a plane at 4:30 in the morning!
Wish we could turn back time (time)
To the good old days
When my mama sang, us to sleep
and now we're...
And that's when the bridge in front of me collapsed onto the on coming traffic.

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