Thursday, March 19, 2015

Waking up at 6:20 in the morning hasn't been a part of my daily routine ever since I lived on 997 Dollywood Drive. No press meetings, no morning chats with so called 'best friends' who'd sell your soul to the nearest paparazzi or tabloid magazine... for the past year or so I've been laying on what one would consider to be a 'low' level, i.e. not flashing my face at every public event so that I can help promote others. Ever since I moved back into my dead mom, Aerin Lauder-Doggett's home all the way back in the spring of 2014, I have been slowly rebuilding from the remnants of public outrage (my addiction plastic surgery, my rocky relationships, trifles with delusional whores, etc.)

and gossip so that my sanity (or what was left of it) so that I could step back onto a path of semi-normalcy and complacency. Some of you had been wondering for a long time, often publicly and among yourselves where I'd gone off to. I can remember all of those silent chatters, "Do you think she's going to come back?" "What is she doing after she was robbed?" "Did she go to jail for that credit card scam?" You know them just as well as I do, those chats and kiki's had among those who are now just as irrelevant as the dirt beneath our metallic Louboutin trainers. Long ago, I did attempt to make my then meek voice heard, checking in with my dedicated fans every now and then to make them know that, yes, I am alive, but furthermore that I was working towards rebuilding from the wreckage I'd found myself in. It's a long road to take and it was a struggle, but I am happy to say that I have finally found my footing once again, Sure, all of those "guess who's back!" and "Look who's here!" titles have made many roll an eye or two, but guess what; I was rolling them with you! It's hard to announce your presence when you quite frankly don't feel all 'there'. Through all the grey rain of depression, I am in fact back.

I got a call to make an appearance in New York with some of my old collegues... we're to be interviewed about this haute little project we have going on...

New York has yielded it's own opportunities as well; like my deceased idol Noelle Alexandria Page said years ago when I was still fawning over Harper's Bazaar rather than fill an empty stomach, "I'm a high time roller"...

I've recently purchased a new loft from a very reputable yet private real estate agency who has set me up with an amazing, custom home that is much to my liking. I had recently purchased an alpine chalet to vacation with my partner and our 'children', but as I have new business and reasonings to be back in New York instead of living in Dollywood exclusively, I had to purchase it... all for a darling little price of course.

And now, I am currently seeing where my life is going and how my journey will unfold.

Looks like 6:20 am will be a regular time once again!

-Ashley (aerin_lauder)

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