What A Journey!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Finally I have arrived in New York City! The trip was pretty tiring since we made two stops, one in Munich and another one in Paris. 12 hours of flight were more than enough and I was so happy to be here.
It was 7:00 pm in New York; I was quite exhausted when I got off the plane and I couldn't wait any longer to get to my hotel.

Outside the airport I was facing a beautiful sunset. I stopped for a while to just look at the beautiful sky and the all the magnificent colors. It was truly beautiful and it kinda made me melancholic...
"And people say this piece of artwork is just a product of evolution. This is too perfect to just come out of nowhere, there must have been a visionary behind all this" I said to myself before I grabbed my luggage and hopped into the first taxi that was available.

When I arrived in my hotel room I dumped my luggage in some corner and looked around. WOW! My room was amazing: a very big and clean bedroom with a large closet (which is good because I have lots of clothes with me...), the furniture was very modern and looked super posh. The bathroom was just as impressive: a big shower and black marble sinks.
And oh my gosh the view was fantastic! I could see the beautiful skyline of the city with all its big buildings and bright lights. It was definitely eye-catching. Honestly, this was more than I could ask for. Most rich people usually expect their rooms to be like this but somehow I never seem to get used to this because my parents taught me to always be humble.

I then got undressed and took a shower. When I came out of the bathroom I only wanted to go to sleep right away, but then I remembered that I should inform Jeremy that I have arrived in my hotel room in New York.
Oh excuse me, you don't know who Jeremy is yet, right?
I got to know him at a party during the Stardoll Fashion Week, we quickly became friends and now he's my personal assistant. He'd join me the following day.

I took my mobile phone and shot a selfie which I sent to Jeremy, adding a short text.
- Hey mate, I've safely arrived in NY. The room is amazing! Can't wait to meet you tomorrow. -

It was 10:30 pm when I finally could go to bed. After all, sleep is the best reward one could ask for.

Stay tuned!

Rafael xx

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2 comentarios

  1. Rafi! Welcome to New York!, except I am all the way in Denver! You should visit me if you have time :P

  2. Loving the 1D tattoo Rafi ;) Welcome to NY!


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