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Sunday, March 22, 2015

After two days of being in New York City my manager called me this morning and said that the handbags have just arrived to Fakes Fifth Avenue, this is the third time that I'm hosting a Charity Event. This time 3/4 of the money raised will go to the Non Superstar and Children in Need fundation, where it will be given out in either money, clothes or accesories to Non Superstar users.

Newspapers and blogs are going head over heels as Ashley Doggett is in town. I've never seen such a big excitement over her since she decided to not make public appearances in Dollywood after her million-dollar-closet robbery. It feels so great to have her back in the scene next to me at our Charity Event.

Some media and fashion bloggers are also invited to the event, I can't wait to meet new people in here since I'll be traveling a lot to NYC to arrange some businesses and TV cameos.

I decided to wear a full look from my own Euphoria resort 2014 collection which has never been worn and it's one of my favorites, and hair on fleek by my fellow Meliza Hernández, aka Porticus.

As soon as my limo arrived I got a text from Steven, saying that he wants to go out on a date with me and all I could do was delete our conversation. I have no time for idiots like him, I have to move on and broaden my horizons, there are a lot of nice guys in here and I'm in no need for douchebags.

Flashlights all over my face, paparazzi screaming and asking me about the things I said on Allure last week, celebrities arriving, fashion all over the place, I feel like I'm doing the right thing, I was born to be a star and I'm finally getting the recognition I've always wanted to have!

Right inside the store I got to buy some new clothes I felt in love with, but also I saw a lot of excitement from people as the handbags were going out of stock in a very short time. I must point out that this was not my event at all, I was contacted by some fashion bloggers who decided to team up with a few of the most important designers on the industry and some celebs to sell some of their favorite accesories to show the world a sign of peace and altruism.

When I saw Ashley Doggett wearing a dress from Euphoria I got the chills! I remember going out with her exactly one year ago down Rodeo Dr. and shopping with her. She only got the most expensive and fancier stuff on the stores, and I must confess I can't help but feel honored by her wearing one of my signature dresses. She looks so fab!

I also got the opportunity to meet Isabella, who is the sweetiest and cutiest girl in the country! I got her number and for sure I will invite her to LA in the near future! She's one of the most powerful bloggers on the moment.

People were asking me for autographs and photos, I felt like a Kardashian (sans the sextape) 
I also got asked if there will be a new season of the Stardoll Fashion Week and I decided to write a post about it on Facebook

I wish you could buy some bags and help our Non SS kids get what they've ever asked for
You can get them in any color and texture of your choice and they are not expensive at all! 
Many other bag designs are coming out soon
Check them HERE

-Xx, Jeannette

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