Out On the Town (With Sweets in Store!)

Sunday, March 22, 2015

 Before I left my loft this morning, I'd made nearly three outfit changes before I was finally satisfied with my looks. Being humble around others has always been a mainstay in my persona and it also becomes one of the best accessories when you use it correctly. After changing out of my *rare* silk top ($55 stardollars at a vintage shop is more than a bargain), I finally changed and headed out. My assistant suggested that I take a limo to the event I was attending, the Fakes Fifth Avenue (often frequented by media behemoths like Callie Stardoll). Carrying my newly delivered 9-Inch Louboutins in their mint bag, I hobbled out of my loft on time to take my late mother's silver Mercedes-Benz C Class. However, this was going to be a time when I ventured out on my own for once. Sure, I am no closet case (unless it's in my closet), but it's not often that I step out and seek pleasure for myself. Often my days are spent lounging with my many pets, going shopping with my partner Mathew, or getting in touch with my good friends over social media:

(As seen quaintly in Dollywood Town & Country!)

However, with paparazzi swarming you as soon as you get out of your Mercedes-Benz (my mother's Mom 123 plate still in view), I felt a sense of much needed contentment.

 I was no stranger to this world, but just as soon as the 9 inch heels of my Christian Louboutin's hit hard against the asphalt, I knew I was going to own today. Of course, being swarmed with questions and pleas doesn't always suffice when you have a meeting to attend. Meeting with Jeanette and a few of the new comers was really heart warming to say the least. Jeanette and I had done business in the past together, I modeling for Trendy Magazine famously for a time:

It was my first real modeling gig back when I'd actually was in pursuit of a career. Back then, even with my non-tanned complexion, crimson lipstick, and bleached blonde hair Jeanette and I had made a real connection with one another, shopping on Rodeo Drive at Dior and Givenchy for looks straight off of the runway...  And I suppose we revisited those charming old days because I was sure to wear a chic cocktail dress from one of Jeanette's past Euphoria collections. I love the feel of the raven silk and the folds of the alabaster cropped sleeves against my skin. There is just something special about a perfectly tailored dress! After speaking with a few reporters, I was tempted to snag up a 40cm crimson croc Birkin that was poised neatly on a showroom table. However, just as some loves are won and lost again, I bid her farewell as she was snagged up by an even needier denizen. My Birkin collection is still thriving strong, however I'm sure that my partner Mathew will be sure to purchase me one in the mean time. Until then, let the less fortunate profit from our innate greed and materialism. It happens to the best of us!

However you put it, those were indeed very interesting days, but I'm alive for the here and now. After the event (Jeanette and I shared lots of truth teas on some so called tv personalities), chatting about my involvement with Love magazine, and after getting better acquainted with the others, I headed out to lunch at La Palace Palais:

Of course since I am still watching my weight for the time when me and my partner Mathew go on vacation in Monaco and Italy, I had to cut back on the amount of sweets that were being offered to me left and right. You'd be surprised how much special attention you get for just stepping out to grace a few people's glances... but I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. On second though, what else happened to little old me? More than enough for on day of course.

-xoxo Ashley

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