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Monday, March 23, 2015

I woke up feeling like a rising star!

The Charity Event was a success!! I was able to meet Ashley Dogget, she´s gorgous, and she was very polite with me. We talk about half hour and she gave me great advices about Dollywood.

There were a lot of famous people.
I was looking arround and found some amazing handbags. 
OMG! Jeanette Gabrielli the designer was there, so I talked to her. We even exchanged phone numbers.

Euphoria by Alex Gabrielli

After an hour on the event, I saw a super model! 
Yes! Isabella Jones was there, looking like a sparkling diamond among the guests. 
I asked for her autograph, she was so nice, talked to me about her career, it was a great moment, and she also gave me her phone number.

Walking around a little longer, I saw the great Rafael Grant, the judge of MMM, designer and model! 
Of course, I know him from the last MMM and RNTM. We talked and laughed for a long time, he´s so sweet and also give advice about my modelling career.

Finally, I met with my friend Manda El Rose, she gave a big smile and said to me: "Girl, you did it, you are in the top 18 of MMM cycle 3!".

It was the night of my life, maybe a new beginning, now my crappy apartment doesn't look so bad.
So, now, do you understand why I woke up feeling like a rising star...

Guys, one last thing, I have to go out today with a great friend, so, see you soon.

Dress by Love


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  1. With all due respect but Isabella isn't supermodel. She has very big way to become supermodel cuz she is at the beginning of this way. :)


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