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Sunday, March 15, 2015

"...These streets will make you feel brand new, the lights will inspire you..."
These are the words that first came to my mind when I got a phone call from Bianca Delevingne straight from New York City, she wanted me to make an appearance at her new talk show "Allure".

B: Hello. May I speak to Jeannette Gabrielli, please?
J: Yeah, It's me.
B: Hello dear, I'm Bianca Delevingne, and I'm calling you to invite you to be the first guest of Allure, my brand new talk show.
J: Oh my God! Sounds interesting! Can you please spell out some details uhm like the location, date, address, the topics we're going to discuss?
B: My assistant will reach you an email with all the details right now, as well as the plane tickets and accomodation info, I'm so glad that you like the idea, I'm pretty sure people will love to have you there!
J: My pleasure! See you in NY then? 
B: See you dear!
J: Okay, bye!

The preparations are done and now I'm almost boarding my plane for New York, the temperature is cold at the moment, I'll be eternally thankful to Jeremy Scott for this warm sequin coat that looks incredible paired with my Giambattista Valli blouse and Victoria Beckham skirt, and my black Céline Boston bag.

I also got the opportunity to do a charity event in collaboration with Fakes Fifth Avenue, we will be selling some designer handbags and 75% the money will go straight to the Non Superstar and Children in Need Fundation. It will take place this tuesday, I wish you all could support this event and bring our childs hope and joy.

Finally after several hours of flight I'm landing in the concrete jungle, New York City
*Gets the chills* *Becomes Carrie Bradshaw for a week*

I will take some time to relax and go to my favorite beauty shop in the entire world, and later I want to go to the Central Park and take a walk in there with some friends I met during the last fashion week.

-The next day-

Good morning Nueva York! This view from The Plaza Hotel is breathtaking, I'm considering moving to NYC in the future.  My hairstylist has just arrived and I gotta get ready for today's show. I'm so excited and at the same time I can't help but feel nervous about the questions I'm going to be asked, since yesterday I read this disgusting note of myself in a local newspaper (Read the full note here!), which obviously is not true!

The show went all great. I got asked about my recent projects and my upcoming ones. I loved being the first guest ever on this programme, both Bianca and Maria are gorgeous and I love them so much! I already knew Maria since her mancandy has been one of my bestfriends for over 5 years now!

Of course we got our selfie and no! I didn't get lip injections as most of you are saying, it's lipliner! Tho I might get them soon, I'm obsessed with pumped lips.

Here are a few snaps from the show, you can read my full interview here!

I can't wait till next week to see another episode of Allure, the show that everybody's talking about!

(I'm wearing a top and shorts from Maria Collection SS 2015 and Balmain booties)
XxXx, Jeannette.

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