Saturday, March 14, 2015

Finally my week is gone. After working for a month,  I got my first paycheck!!
I worked a lot, and only went to a model interview.
I dressed in a denim dress from the X Motel Collection, the designer Jailer Sevigny is amazing!

The interview didn´t work out, they were looking for someone more from here and not from Argentina. 
Maybe I need to get advice from someone who knows about Dollywood. 
So, that is exactly want I will be doing next week, I will be thinking of someone who´s capable of helping  and giving me advices about Dollywood´s life.

Saturday Night has arrived, so it´s time to get to know NY night life.
One of my co worker, invited me to Club 13.
So let´s get dress in X Motel clothes and let´s party.

Sadness can appear in your path, but is up to you to let it go, and enjoy what you have in front of you.
Today, my dream looks far away, but, that is today, tomorrow the sun will shine and I will have more to come.
I´m still chasing my dream!!

See you soon,


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