Tuesday, March 10, 2015

I did several things the past few days.
First of all, I needed to find a place to live. I only have a few bucks, so, I checked some places, they were amazing apartments, but too expensive for me.
Second thing, job. It was easier than I thought to get one. Not the best in town, but I can pay the rent.
Cellphone, OMG! I wanted an Iphone but too expensive, so, I ended with a BlackBerry.

Let´s talk about the apartment, is awful, I know, but is cheap, and right now is what I need to start, besides, it was the only one I can afford.

The job thing, ok, well, I need a normal job, being in a new city without money is not an option, so I checked on the newspaper and got and interview in Starbuck. I got the job. 
Three things that are great in this job, I get money, time to go to interviews for model jobs and I have a cute coworker named Bruno, he´s so handsome, nice, funny and help me a lot on my first week at work.

Now, the hardest part...get a model job...where do I start?

I only had 2 important jobs as a model, I done others too. 
I was in the Top 3 RNTM cycle 6, also have been in the semifinal MMM 2014.
OMG! This is gonna be difficult, but I will persevere, my dream will come true!


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  1. Omg, I still remember doing that graphic, it was my first one for a magazine :O


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