Apartment hunt + Date with Steven

Sunday, March 08, 2015

Finally! After days of being in the hunt for a new apartment I found one that I felt in love with! It's located in Downtown L.A. an I can't wait to invite some friends over and have the best parties in here!

I got dressed up in vintage Christian Dior for today. The morning was SO cold, but now I'm sweating a lot in this coat. I wish I could take it off but my real estate agent would fall in love with my new boob job and I don't think that's appropriate for a nice girl like me, haha I'm kidding.

This gorgeous place is $2,750,000, it's quite expensive but I think I deserve it since I've been working a lot to afford a place like this, and also as soon as I stepped in it I felt like I was in home. This Pent House is totally made for me.

And as an incentive, I also need to forget past week's events. F*ck Steven.

So... we were supposed to meet each other at Villa Blanca restaurant in Beverly Hills. It's a really nice place with an unique concept and it's so cozy. I had some herb-crusted Halibut and I lost the count of how many cups of champagne I had. To make this long story short, Steven never arrived.

He was supposed to grab a flight from London to L.A. that morning. I felt so embarrased and annoyed and betrayed all at the same time. I've been going out with Steven since we met on Paris Fashion Week last January. I thought he was a nice guy and he's actually so cute and respectful to me; There's just one thought that comes to mind in this moment: what an idiot! At least he could've called me or text me.

At 1:00am I decided to leave the restaurant and smoke some Benson & Hedges til Mario comes and picks me up. Gosh, this cigarettes seem to have no flavor at all.

When my van arrived I was already in tears, I couldn't believe what I was living. That was my first day in L.A., and for sure one of the worst nights in my entire life. And, at this point, I couldn't help but feel more confident about leaving Mexico City. It's time to bury all those ugly memories I have and start building up good ones with the people I'm now getting to know here in L.A.


I just finished packing all my stuff here at the Beverly Hilton hotel and feel so excited about leaving for my apartment, despite it's almost empty and I just have my bedroom and kitchen in it. My interior designer and I will be having a meeting at 2pm to discuss my penthouse's decoration, I want something modern still elegant and luxurious. I can't wait to show you all the pictures I'll take as soon as my apartment is completely done!

See you until the next time!

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