Sunday, March 29, 2015

What a night! OMG!!! I had an awesome time on Allure, those girls Maria and Bianca, are fantastic!
It was the first time for me on a Tv Show, I also was able to meet Sophieluv.
But, do you know how did I end in here??

Gosh! This night was so much drama! I thought is was going to be a great night, my friend and I went to a trendy bar. After half and hour, she met someone, actually, we met some friends. 
All ended in a huge cat fight!
 Thanks God, I had Jack Daniels with me! I only hope this get better in the next days.

After drinking coffee (yes, going out the night before, give me headaches), I´m on my way to Starbucks.

Why is my phone ringing? 
"Hi, yes, this is Virginia Moore, how can I help you....OMG!....Really!!....When!!!! Ok, and thank you so much"
Can you believe it! It was from "The Graphics Project" offices, I got in!!! 
This week is becoming better!!

While walking to work, I remember him...Bruno is going to look at my with a sad cow eyes. GOSH!
I need to think in something else, so let´s update my facebook status, being on TGP is heaven, they gave me a second chance.

But,WHAT ON EARTH?? OMFG! Drama in Facebook! What is all these??
Ok, this is enough, my friends and I are being attacked. 
Suddenly, my fingers start typing and answering. After some minutes, I´m in the middle of the fight.
I´m on my way to work. I write something else and I´m not going to reply again.

The next days, the attacks continued against one of my dearest friends.
The drama goes on during the entire week, I´m not going to sit up in a couch and do nothing.
I received a message on my phone, read it, is an invitation to Allure to talk about what happened. 
Can you guess my answer?

So, here I am.
In this life all you have to do is get up and try!
See you soon,

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