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Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Just one week ago I lost my beloved iPhone and couldn't write in my diary! Well, I guess it was a good time to get my first american phone and I'm loving it, its internet service is way faster than Mexico's data.

Okay, so this week was full of activities and I wasn't able to do public appearances since I'm on the final settings for my store. I'll include some pieces from the RTW collection and a special lounge where my Haute Couture collection will be exposed, I think you guys will love it and I'm really excited for the big opening!

The mannequins have just arrived, as of now you should've realized I'm really into bling bling & luxury furniture, I thought this silver reflective mannequins were perfect for my collection, same as my giant pearls covered wall.

The opening will be held in friday and I can't wait to see you there guys

Xx, Jeannette

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