Saturday, April 11, 2015

Wow, it was a bussy week!!

I was invited to be a judge on "Project Runway", a competition host by Jannette Low (, so I was able to speak in my native languague (Spanish)
I was chosen as a Haylee Rose Couture Campaing Model, but, later this week, the collection was canceled.
I went to Maria´s and X5 (

Handbag by Euphoria (Jeannette Gabrielli)

Keeping up with what happened last week after I left the TGP office.

Let´s talk about the  guy with deep brown eyes, this is what happened:
This cute guy helped me to got up all the papers from my portfolio.  He wasn´t alone. He had a puppy, a brown lab.
He introduced himself, his name is Tobias and he is an engineer.
He asked me to go with him to walk his dog, so I agree.

We had an amazing time on Central Park walking Thor, the cute puppy.
We exchange phone number. Was a great day!

So, as I was telling before, it was a busy week!!
Besides all the news about me trying to become a model, I spend wonderful days talking with Tobias by phone.
Yes, I know, talking over the phone is not the same as spending time together, but, is a way to know someone, until you are ready for a date.
Talking to him is like spending time with someone you know from your whole life. 

After one week talking, today is the day, we have a date.
I rush to get to home as fast as I can.
I my way to home, check my emails on the phone...bad news...I wasn´t choose for X5 =(

Now! Time to get ready for my date:


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