"We Need To Talk"

Sunday, April 05, 2015

The past few days has been like "Wow Rei. You are amazing Rei.  We love you Rei", full of false compliments, I don´t even know some of my co-workers.
Since I was on Allure, and my entry to TGP and MMM, they have been all around  me.
Come on people! I still the same girl.

On top of that,  I have Bruno´s sad eyes all the time over my shoulder. 
Yes, it was my fault, but, I´m not a murderer, I just kissed a boy. 

The next day, on my way to work, I feel it, is time for "We Need To Talk". That moment, when you sit in front of a boy, an say something like "It is not you, is me. You are great, you deserve someone better, yada yada"

In one of our breaks, we sit together. He look into my eyes, so, immediately he knew that "The Talk" was coming.
We talk, he beg for a chance, but I said "It is not you, is me. You are great, you deserve someone better"
I´m not lying, it's me. I like him, but, nothing else, he doesn't make feel like walking over a cloud.
My career is what I came to NY, so, unless somebody reach my heart, there is no place for him in my life.

Before going home, I add my entries for MMM and TGP on a folder.
I made a photoshoot on Rodeo Drive and a Catwalk for TGP. I hope I get to next round, my heart is on them. 
I did my best, I need to improve, so, I will keep practising over and over again.

Jacket and Boots - LE REWIND by Jailer Sevigny
Bag - Euphoria by Jeannette Gabrielli

On my way out TGP office, I hit someone, and I fall down my papers.

I´m on my knees, grabbing the papers, when I hear: "Hi, I apologise for that. Can I help you"
I look up and I see enchanting brown eyes looking at me.


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