Time to say: Goodbye...

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

After the first date, everything has been perfect.
We kissed on when he walk me home, it was sweet, his lips are soft and warm.
Tobias has been very supportive with my modeling career and my Starbucks job.
He believes in me.
Until now, we never sleep together, everything goes slowly.

The past days, I´ve looking for the right place to move.
I already visited 5 apartments, and I think I just find the correct one.
Today after work, Tobias will join me to check the place and if I like it, I will rent it.
His opinion is important to me.

OMG! The place is perfect, is so cozy!! 
So, it´s time to says goodbye forever to my old apartment.
I don´t have many things on it, so I won´t be difficult.
I´m so happy!! Tomorrow I will do the deposit for it.

I can´t sleep! Tomorrow is THE day!
I wake up at 7 am, without having breakfast. 
I get dress very fast, and I´m ready to go!
I have the money for the deposit with me, grab my cellphone, and close the door.

On my way to Prospect Heights, I decide to take a cab. 
I´m about to cross the street to get one and...

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